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Rachel McDermott

I am grateful that my childhood and early adulthood gave me the opportunity to experience, and be exposed, to diverse people, not only with their backgrounds and life experiences, but their words of wisdom, their honesty and transparency, their advice, encouragement, and emphasis on the importance of being authentic, kind-hearted, compassionate, open-minded, and humble.  My first mentors were my parents.  My mother taught me to judge others not on appearance, but on character.  My wise and wonderful father reached amazing accomplishments from a destitute childhood and taught me to be flexible and giving.  Others from humble beginnings and life experiences, within the Capital District of New York State and New York City, along with my pursuit of graduate school, teaching high school, and provision of clinical services throughout New York City, taught me the importance of modesty, love for family and friends, and genuine and honest relationships.  My upbringing taught me to treat others as you wish to be treated, there is a lesson in everything, and to see the value in people and the “intangibles” in life, which does not include monetary gain!  My mental health and educational backgrounds, along with involving my children in their own financial security, were the driving forces that steered me into this industry. My children’s joy over seeing their money make more money inspired me to do that for others.  Additionally, my volunteering heavily within the Capital Region has not only reinforced the importance of humility and modesty, but those values that have become deeply ingrained in me and my children.  Giving to others is very important to me, as people in my life know of me.  My love of hiking, cooking, camping, gardening, knitting, and reading, along with enjoying independent films, concerts and ballroom dancing, and my passion for watching equestrian sports, gymnastics, tennis, and swimming competitions bespeak of my diverse interests and embracing life in its entirety.  Lastly, my strongest appreciation in life goes to my two amazing teen children who have taught me the lessons of emotional resilience, hard work and persistence, commitment to your passions, and unconditional love and respect. Rachel McDermott is a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Equity Services, Inc. and offers securities in the following states: New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin and Florida. Rachel McDermott is insurance/variable annuities licensed in the following states: New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, Wisconsin and Florida.